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Virtual Health Solutions provide people with expedited access to healthcare resources when and where they need it most. You can avoid the travel and long wait times, and get the answers, health solutions and guidance you need all from the comfort of your home, work or even when on vacation. Wherever you are, a virtual health clinic is one click away.

Wellpoint Connect provides a diversified portfolio of health services and resources including Physicians and Pharmacy which makes Wellpoint Connect the first nationally available platform that offers end users a virtual health clinic.


Choose a time that works with your schedule, and access sessions instantly on any personal device. Evening and weekend sessions are also available. 


Virtual Health is proven to be as effective as in-person therapy. Ninety-two percent of clients are highly satisfied with Virtual Health solutions and would use it again.


Our technology is held to the highest information security standards. Your use of Wellpoint Connect is completely confidential.

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