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Wellpoint was established in 2007 to meet the increased needs that employers had when it came to occupational health and safety and the importance of ensuring that they had access to the resources, processes and infrastructure that was needed to prevent and minimize injuries at work.

Over the past decade, Wellpoint has grown and innovated to meet the changing demands of a dynamic workforce. Today, Wellpoint has evolved to a fully integrated absence management and workplace health solution provider.  Wellpoint is a leader in providing organizations with a full suite of bundled services which include occupational and non-occupational services, providing its customers with a one-call approach to preventative and reactive workplace health services.

​Wellpoint has serviced more than 1,500 customers across Canada, which includes all levels of government, medium size to large national and multinational corporations, insurance organizations and numerous manufacturing sectors. Wellpoint has the absence management and prevention solutions that fit your organizational needs.


Our one-call approach to absence managment and workplace health bundles the services organizations need the most to minimize and prevent illnesses and injury, reduce health and safety hazards, avoiding serious consequences of noncompliance.

With a Clinic network of nearly 300 sites across the country and one of the industry’s premier occupational health and safety teams comprised of safety specialists, HR consultants, Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists, and Technicians, Wellpoint is able to deliver consistent, high-quality services and solutions that help our customers realize significant benefits.

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