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A well-developed Occupational Health and Safety Program is intended to prevent diseases, injuries, absences and even death that can be due to poor or unsafe working conditions. Having the right solution in place is critical in ensuring the safety of your employees.

Wellpoint works with your team to develop solutions that help protect your employees from harm and to provide a comfortable, safe environment in which to perform their responsibilities.

At Wellpoint, we understand the importance of safety at work and the legislative requirements that employers need to abide by. Our Team of Occupational Health Nurses work with you to ensure that your organization is compliant with the legislative requirements and that you continue to mitigate risk for your employees and your business.

From expert consultations on program development to occupational medical services, we come to you, where and when you need us. Wellpoint provides the full spectrum of Occupational Health Services, including Compliance and Health Assessments and Evaluations, Injury Treatment and Management, and Pre Placement Medicals.

Wellpoint’s trusted Occupational Health Nurses have the most advanced skills within the industry. Our Customers have come to trust and rely on the exceptional level of quality service that has created sustainably safe work environments across Canada.

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