It’s becoming more critical for organizations to manage the prevention of employee absences at a much earlier stage.

The benefits of implementing early intervention preventive solutions and early intervention are key factors in preventing in minimizing disruption to your organization, controlling absenteeism costs and increasing employee engagement.​

As leaders in workplace absence prevention programs, Wellpoint takes a three-pronged approach to absence prevention, delivering solutions that focus on Mental, Physical and Corporate health.

Wellpoint has a national partner network of mental health professionals that deliver Resilience Mental Health Programs.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis is resolved. The course is administered by a healthcare professional who has been certified by the Mental Health Association of Canada.
The course is held either virtually or on-site at over two days, the instructor will review in detail the aspects of Mental Health related to Substance Related Disorders, Mood Related Disorders, Anxiety and Trauma Related Disorders, and Psychotic Disorders. The instructor will also teach First Aid skills for the situations such as Substance Overdose, Suicidal Behaviour, Acute Stress Reaction, Panic Attacks, and Psychotic Episodes.
Wellpoint offers numerous mental health and resilience training and workshops backed by scientically proven methods investigated by leading research centres. The programs mandate is to introduce resilience to employees and provide tools which they can implement right away to become more present, happy and better-adjusted people bot at work and at home.
Wellpoint works with a variety of industry leaders and partners to deliver a diversified portfolio of solutions that help employees sustain personal resilience to cope better with adversity, stress and anxiety in the workforce. All of our programs are delivered using a research backed multi-week training program to decrease stress and enhance mindfulness. The programs are developed to train your people how to sustain personal self-care and resilience at work and in life.
Wellpoint’s Mental Health at Work Consultants work with employers to identify gaps and deficiencies in the workforce that can better help with where and what kind of solutions are needed. Our Psychological work assessment looks at various factors in the workplace which include organizational culture, management and leadership styles, internal communications and assesses work life balance amongst employees. Our consultants then work with organizations to build programs that protect and promote psychologically safe workplaces and provide ongoing access and support to employees ensuring the sustainability of safe work environments.
Wellpoint’s onsite wellness clinics can be deployed across a variety of industries and are developed and implemented to meet the needs of your employees. Our clinics offer employers the choice of medical and wellness services, delivered by licensed providers, to all or a designated portion of your workforce.
Normally a part of a health promotion strategy, Wellpoint works with you to devise a clinic option that provides the greatest amount of return of investment on employee health and reduction in workplace absenteeism.  Wellpoint can offer a fulltime onsite clinic, part time and rotating clinics across various office locations. Our health professionals can range from physician based clinics, nurse led, physical health and or mental health. At the minimum, our clinics offer screenings, preventive care, coaching or minor services at minimal cost and employers still reap the benefits. The objective is to provide easy access and immediate care and attention for a host of health services that an employee would normally have to leave the worksite to obtain.

As part of our Wellpoint Connect Virtual Health Solutions, employers can offer mental health e-counselling services to its employees and their families. Our virtual e-mental health platform provides expedited access to experienced and Qualified Mental Health Professionals that work with your employees to provide solutions to address their needs, ongoing wellness strategies and remain focus on improving their overall mental health.

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