As employers prepare for their staff to return to work, there's a need to protect their people, their organization and all who depend on it. Our COVID-19 Telephonic Screening Service is staffed by an experienced team of occupational health nurses who are there to assist employees in returning to work safely.

In addition to screening and follow-up advice for individual employees, ongoing support for supervisors, managers and executives from an experienced occupational health nurse can provide additional comfort. Our experienced nurses also serve as a resource when questions around an employee’s suitability for return may arise.

Medical oversight and direction are provided by our Chief Medical Officer and our team of occupational health physicians and health care professionals. With ongoing reviews of federal, provincial, and international guidelines and regulations, our screening service is designed to mitigate potential risk and protect your workplace with the most up-to-date information available.

Wellpoint’s focus is on tailored solutions for employers. We work with employers like you to determine customer specific instructions and reporting requirements unique to your business.

To learn more about Wellpoint’s COVID-19 telephonic screening and support service or other ways Wellpoint can support a safe return to work, please contact us at or call 1-833-797-4663 and select option 3.

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